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Crabbing - Fun days out from Weavers Yurt, Devon Photo by Sandra Iglesias on Unsplash


    Crabbing is great fun and a classic seaside activity! The nearest places from here are Exmouth, Teignmouth & Axmouth

    What you’ll need to go crabbing:

    Crabbing Gear

    • Bucket: Bigger is better (as crabs don’t like being overcrowded). The current guideline suggests a maximum of ten crabs per bucket.
    • Crab line: This is basically a piece of string or fishing wire, bait and a weight that is heavy enough to keep the bait down.
    • Net: As soon as you get the crab out of the water, it will try to jump off! The net helps to get the crab from your line and into the bucket.
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    Queens Drive Space Jurassic children's playground, exmouth beach. 30min drive from Weavers Yurt Glamping | photo credit Manpal Ghataura

    Queen’s Drive Space Playground

      FREE – This Jurassic themed children’s playground is great. It’s on the sea front so good one to combine with an Exmouth Beach trip.

      There’s a seating area, food stalls and a bar (tourist season only) – but loads of other places to get food when these food stalls are closed.

      There’s a car park next to it – or loads of parking along the seafront.

      Address: Queen’s Drive Space, Exmouth EX8 2AH / google map

      Distance: 30min drive

      photo credit: Manpal Ghataura on google