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    Crabbing is great fun and a classic seaside activity! The nearest places from here are Exmouth, Teignmouth & Axmouth

    What you’ll need to go crabbing:

    Crabbing Gear

    • Bucket: Bigger is better (as crabs don’t like being overcrowded). The current guideline suggests a maximum of ten crabs per bucket.
    • Crab line: This is basically a piece of string or fishing wire, bait and a weight that is heavy enough to keep the bait down.
    • Net: As soon as you get the crab out of the water, it will try to jump off! The net helps to get the crab from your line and into the bucket.
    • Crab bait: The smellier the better! (good options are bacon, sardines, squid, raw liver and fish heads)

    Check the tide

    Before you go, check the tide times

    The best time to catch crabs is just after the tide begins to rise. Crabs bury themselves in mud at low tide.

    Nearest places to go crabbing

    • Exmouth harbour – EX8 1DU
    • Axmouth harbour in Seaton – EX12 4AB
    • Teignmouth Back Beach on the river – TQ14 8XZ


    Tips on how to go crabbing – this article is full of useful info and how to’s.

    photo credit: Sandra Iglesias on Unsplash