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Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Weavers Yurt Devon

Pizza Time!

How to use the Pizza Oven

Wear gloves at all time when operating the oven as its hot and can burn you and lead to injury
Use small pieces of wood (you really want a small fire).
** A medium/large fire can break the oven & burn your pizzas.
Open the vents on the door when starting the fire to allow air flow through the oven.
Do not use firelighters in the pizza oven (as it will be poisonous for your food). Use small pieces of paper / cardboard instead to start the fire.
Add small pieces of wood if needed to bring the temperature up to 300 degrees which is more than sufficient with the metal door closed.
Get the pizza oven up to around 300 – 400 degrees
then move the fire to one side using the metal grate (use the gloves provided)
let the temperature drop to 200 – 250 degrees by opening the metal door
wipe the base of ash (so it doesn’t go on your pizza!) using a damp cloth found under the pizza oven. Don’t worry if this is stained its just used to clear the ash from the pizza oven bricks.
put the pizza in for around 3 minutes depending on how many toppings are used (turning it half way if needed) keep an eye on your pizzas as they cook
you can leave the door off as you cook as this allows you to watch the cooking process.
please ask us if you have any questions or need help!
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Margarita Pizza Kit

If you’d like to buy a Pizza Kit, let us know.

To guarantee we can provide one, please let us know 24hrs before hand.

The Margarita Pizza Kit details can be found here.