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Heron Farm Vineyard, Honiton

Heron Farm Vineyard & Cafe

    Award winning vineyard with wonderful food and the cafe garden is really beautiful.

    For children there’s a playground with lots of room to run around, plus a little fairy walk!

    We’ve really enjoyed coming here for a treat.

    Heron Farm also offers Vineyard tours & wine tasting.

    Address: Heron Farm, Weston, Honiton, EX14 3NZ / google map

    Phone: 01404 46208

    Distance: 15mins

    photo credit: Heron Farm

    Greendale Farmshop - days out from Weavers Yurt | photo credit: Fordson Major on flickr

    Greendale Farm Shop

      Very large farm shop (including fresh fish) and a great cafe.

      The added bonus here is that it’s an easy pull in stop with children. There’s a playground plus various old tractors that children love to play on! Lot’s of farm animals too.

      Address: Greendale Farm Shop, Sidmouth Rd, Farringdon, Exeter EX5 2JU

      Distance: 25min drive

      photo credit: flickr by Fordson Major